Products Liability & Personal Injury

David Schoen, Attorney at Law has represented victims in personal injury cases and can assist with yours.

personal injuryDavid has assisted with estates and family members of those who have lost their lives through others’ negligence, intentional conduct, or from the use of a dangerous product, manufactured and sold without adequate warnings to alert the unsuspecting consumer of its danger.

Drawing on his experience with complex class actions in the civil rights area, David intends to grow this consumer protection section of his practice. He would like to do this by bringing class actions and individual cases on behalf of such victims to help them obtain justice for the harm they have suffered. David would like to change the ways in which the designers, manufacturers and distributors of dangerous products (whether heavy equipment, everyday consumer products, or pharmaceuticals) meet their obligations to the consumers who use their products, often completely unaware of the dangers they face.

David is currently representing a woman in a case in Texas who was riding in a car when it was struck by a train.  She lost the baby she was carrying and suffered other severe personal injuries.  The trial court dismissed her case based on her lawyer’s misconduct.  David took her case to the Texas Court of Appeals and on May 14, 2015, the appellate court reversed the trial court’s decision, agreeing with the arguments David made that the sanction of dismissal violated the client’s rights under Texas law and the U.S. Constitution.  The client will now get her day in court against the railroad.

In particularly complex personal injury and product liability cases, David works together with one of the top firms in the country that specializes in this area of the law, contact David today for an initial consultation.

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