Employment Law

David Schoen, Attorney at Law can help with your federal trial and appellate courts Employment Law needs.

employment lawyerHistorically, the Employment Law section has focused on the employee/plaintiff’s side. David has represented- in both federal trial and appellate courts – employees who were the victims of unlawful discrimination based on race, religion, age, and gender and harassment in the workplace based on such status.

David also has been asked to argue appeals before federal appellate courts in this area of the law for other lawyers who handled the case at trial.  Based on his work on the plaintiff’s side, companies that have faced frivolous employment discrimination claims have asked David to represent them and he has agreed to defend the company against unsupportable claims of discrimination or harassment in one or more of these areas.  The plaintiff’s side of these cases can be very difficult and expensive and a great deal of attention is devoted to each potential case to try to determine its merit and the likelihood of success before David will commit to take on the case. Contact David Schoen, Attorney at Law for issues and questions regarding employment law.

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