Appellate Law

For 30 years, David Schoen, Attorney at Law has been representing clients on appeals in civil and criminal cases before State and Federal Courts of Appeals around the country.

court of appeal David briefs and orally argues the cases himself and has succeeded in overturning many trial court decisions adverse to his client in courts which have the lowest percentages for reversals.

David often takes over a case for presentation to the court of appeals after another attorney has lost the case at trial.  David also has been asked to present oral argument to appellate courts after another attorney has prepared the brief and either the attorney or the client wants to have David present the argument, based on David’s appellate experience.  It has always been David’s view that being a proficient appellate attorney helps with his trial work and pre-trial motions work and vice versa and that his trial and appellate experience complement each other allowing him to recognize and raise critically important legal issues and preserve them for appeal before or during a trial.  David is admitted to practice before many State and Federal Courts of appeals, as well as the United States Supreme Court and he has a great deal of experience in handling appeals in cases of wide variety.

So far in 2015, in two cases David has appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit decisions have been handed down reversing convictions and lengthy prison sentences in a multi-defendant narcotics trafficking case from West Virginia, with  the case was dismissed on remand and a case from Maryland was remanded to the trial court, with the defendant’s sentence reduced to time served.  Several other cases in other courts are awaiting decision and several other appeals are in progress. For any questions or assistance about Appellate Law, contact David Schoen for a consultation with a trusted attorney.

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