Intellectual Property

David Schoen, Attorney at Law has developed a niche defending trademark infringement cases of a particular variety.

intellectual property Often, aggressive trademark holders, for certain market reasons, bring trademark infringement claims against legitimate secondary market traders, alleging that the trademarked goods being sold in the secondary market are counterfeit or otherwise infringe on the trademark.

David has successfully defended several of these cases, including a criminal trademark infringement case brought at the behest of or with the support of a well known luxury goods trademark holder. These cases are complicated, generally requiring extensive discovery, the effective use of expert witnesses, thorough investigation, overseas travel to investigate the facts and they often drag on for years, and are very hard fought, generally with companies on the other side who have virtually unlimited resources; but they are important to defend, both for the client’s commercial interests and to maintain free markets.

David has represented the owners of a major international secondary market trading company in various trademark infringement cases for many years, primarily in New York. These are but a few examples of the diverse nature of the commercial litigation cases handled in this practice. Please contact David Schoen, Attorney at Law for a consultation so that we can investigate your dispute or the case against you and begin the necessary legal action ( 334) 395-6611.

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